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Charged up about electric cars

SEBRING – More car buyers are going electric or opting for a hybrid vehicle to cut their fuel costs, and new-car shoppers are finding a greater selection of new and updated eco-friendly models.

U.S. sales of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery-only autos rose at least 23 percent in the first half of 2013 to more than 287,000, based on data compiled by Bloomberg.

Ford’s hybrid and plug-in versions of the Fusion sedan and C-Max wagon boosted its electric-drive deliveries to 46,197, more than five times its year-earlier volume, Bloomberg reported. Toyota Motor Corp. led with 176,506 such sales, up 4.4 percent.

Lake Placid resident Howard Kubsch, who is a long-time electric car enthusiast, bought a new Chevrolet Volt about a month ago.

Kubsch bought his first electric car, a 1980 Sebring-built CitiCar, in an e-Bay bid in 2009 and later bought the Sebring Historical Society’s 1980 ComutaCar in January 2012.

Kubsch wants to cut down on the country’s use of gasoline and he has definitely cut down on his gas bill with the Volt. – See more at:


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