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Charge Your Car network launches new electric car charging app

National charging network Charge Your Car (CYC) has launched a new app, that will make it easier for electric car owners to find charging stations and pay for charging.

Charge Your Car public charging point

It opens up the network of charging stations across much of the country in a single pay-as-you-go solution.

Starting as a regional North East charging back in 2010, the Plugged-in Places scheme has been gradually expanding to include other networks in neighbouring regions, with a goal of achieving one large national network of pay-as-you-go stations, making it easier for EV drivers to travel around the country without the need for multiple charging membership cars.

On the go information

Now the new app builds on this goal, meaning electric car owners can see all available pay-as-you-go stations as part of the growing network in one place, while on the go too.

The key features of the app include search charge points by town, postcode or point code, filter charge points by connector type, live status of charge points, information on charge point tariffs, plan a route to a charge point, and latest news and information such as the availability of new stations.


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