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Car sharing, flexible working hours 
to help mobility

The Department of Transport (DoT) on Tuesday announced the completion of the first phase of its Transport Mobility Management (TMM) strategy aimed at advocating more sustainable transportation options.

Under the strategy, the department encourages car sharing, flexible working hours, and asking people to commute using more sustainable ways.

The TMM is part of the department’s Surface Transport Master Plan (STMP) developed in line with the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030.

The TMM strategy helps attain vital objectives such as encouraging the public to choose more sustainable mobility options, easing traffic congestions and maximising the economic activity in general, said Bader Al Qamzi, Director of Integrated Transportation Planning Division at the DoT.

According to him, the second phase of the project would commence in the fourth quarter of this year.

“The DoT has undertaken studies of various world cities to see first-hand how TMM was initiated and results gained on various sectors to gauge the best practical approach to implement Abu Dhabi TMM’s strategy. Those cities where chosen as they have achieved great strides in adopting and achieving remarkable move into more sustainable transport options such as the use of public transport, car sharing, as well as the green school strategy adoption where people walk or use bicycles through safe walkways for short distances,” Al Qamzi explained.

He further added the TMM aimed to reduce the level of unsustainable travel in general and help amend transport times to avoid peak-hour traffic and get rid of congested routes, whilst promoting more sustainable transportation options.

The first of the TMM encompassed workshops and travel plans for over 35 various Abu Dhabi-based entities to shed light on the project and its core objectives whilst discussing daily transport options of employees of those entities.


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