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Bright sparks switched on to electric cars early

Adrian Loening charges his electric Nissan Leaf car. Picture: Julie Bull

Published on 17/07/2013 11:18

SHOULD he suddenly feel the need for speed, Adrian Loening’s seemingly quite ordinary Nissan Leaf could leave just about any car standing at the traffic lights.

Foot to the floor from stationary to 60mph in around seven seconds – not bad for what some still reckon is not much more than a souped-up milk float.

“It’s happened once or twice, there’s some young lad in the next lane who recognises it’s an electric vehicle.

You can see them thinking ‘I’m going to leave him behind, ­Jeremy Clarkson says electric cars are ­rubbish’,” smiles Adrian. “I watch their shiny little faces in the rear view mirror as I drive off, them wondering what has just happened.”

He’s far from some crazed boy racer, but Adrian can definitely be forgiven a moment of fun.

After all, for years he was one of the loneliest motorists in the land, a rare breed who embraced the green revolution and snapped up one of the first electric cars on Scottish roads.

There was, however, also a downside to being ahead of the pack.


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