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Boulder Electric Vehicle Offers Bi-Directional Charging Capability

Boulder Electric Vehicle and Coritech Services demonstrated Vehicle-to-Grid bi-directional charging at Alternative Clean Transportation Expo.

Boulder Electric Vehicle and Coritech Services have demonstrated bi-directional DC fast charging, making Boulder Electric Vehicle the 1st electric truck company ever to successfully implement Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) charging. Boulder EV and Coritech Services will both be attending the Alternative Clean Transportation (“ACT”) Expo in Washington DC, June 24th through June 27th, where together in booth 216 they will be highlighting their outstanding achievement of electric vehicle bi-directional charging. There will be on-site demonstrations revealing their turnkey solution to V2G charging utilizing Boulder EV’s 100% Electric Flatbed Utility Truck equipped with a Lithium 72 kWh battery pack and a Coritech 60kW DC Fast Charger System. Current demonstrations are seeing charger rates of 150 amps during charge or discharge on the 360V nominal battery pack.

“The ACT Expo is the perfect forum of industry leaders to introduce Boulder Electric Vehicle’s proven V2G solution with Coritech Services,” shared Carter Brown, Chief Executive Officer of Boulder Electric Vehicle. “We recognize the future importance of V2G in strengthening the value proposition of the Electric Vehicle, and we now offer a turnkey solution that is ready for immediate deployment.”


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