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BMW releasing its first electric car on July 29 –

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The 2014 BMW i3 electric car is coming… but you knew that already.

Still, it gives BMW a chance to release another video, albeit one that tells us absolutely nothing save for the car’s official date of unveiling: July 29th.

Luckily, previous videos, plenty of spy shots and numerous auto show appearances by i3 concepts means we’ve built up quite a knowledge base on the i3 already, so a video of depressingly beautiful people jumping up and down in a fashion shoot isn’t all we have to go on.

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What we know is that the i3 is the first official mass-production electric car by BMW, using knowledge gleaned from the MINI E and BMW ActiveE field tests.

It’s roughly subcompact-sized and uses a rear-mounted electric motor to power the rear wheels, keeping one of BMW’s traditions alive. The rest of the car is very different from anything we’ve seen of the Bavarian automaker before, a deliberate move as the i3 also launches BMW’s i sub-brand.

The styling is squat, upright and expected to be fairly futuristic. We’ve not seen the full production car yet–that’s what this video is all about–but it’s unlikely to differ too greatly from BMW’s previous i3 and i3 Coupe concepts.

Inside, the i3 will be fairly minimalist, and should be one of the greatest departures yet by an electric car from the more traditional layouts found in many existing electric vehicles. BMW is playing up its use of sustainable materials, simple design and high technology.



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