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Avis Now Rents Electric Cars in Copenhagen

When visiting Copenhagen, why not drive around the city in an electric car – minimising CO2 and enjoying the comfort of a large car for the price of a small one? Avis is merely the latest of several Copenhagen car rental companies to offer electric cars for hire.

When you land at Copenhagen Airport, you can go directly to the AVIS office in Terminal 1 and pick up a rented electric car. The Danish capital might be best known for its bicycle culture, but sometimes only a car will do. With an electric car, you can enjoy the comfort of four wheels while still helping Copenhagen in its goal to become CO2-neutral by 2025.

Renting an electric car is also affordable. For the same price as the cheapest conventional-engined car, you can hire a four door electric saloon seating five people. You pay 554 DKK (less than € 75) per 24 hours with 100 kilometers included.

Most of AVIS’ electric fleet are Renault Fluence ZEs, which all have changeable batteries making them suitable for longer journeys. Lars Dissing, sales and marketing director at AVIS Denmark, says:

“We have chosen to price our electric car as a smaller model, so our customers get a larger car for the same cost as a small one – and it’s a really good car! Electric cars used to be a bit ‘discount’, but this one drives extremely well.“

Copenhagen has a large number of charging points where you can charge the car’s battery – just plug it in and leave it to load while you explore the city on foot.



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