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Auto-giants back Japanese electric vehicle charge point roll out

Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Mitsubishi to part-fund planned five-fold expansion of country’s recharging network

By BusinessGreen staff

30 Jul 2013

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An electric car being recharged

Four of the largest Japanese car manufacturers have teamed up to develop a major extension of the country’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Mitsubishi yesterday announced they will promote the installation of chargers at a wide range of locations, including shopping malls, restaurants, and motorway service station, as well as the roll out of rapid chargers at locations that are suited for shorter stops, such as convenience stores and petrol stations.


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The companies also pledged to promote charger installation by bearing part of the costs, assisted by 100.5 billion Yen (£666m) of government subsidies, for a temporary period.

In addition, they said they would work with companies that are already providing charging services, in which each of the four automakers already have a financial stake, to create a more joined-up network and payment process.

“Previously, each automaker assessed possible locations for charging facilities on their own,” a joint statement said. “Now, they have agreed to work jointly under the common understanding that the charging infrastructure has public value and that enhancing it should be done quickly during the limited period that the subsidies are available.”


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