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Australia: Swinburne launches fast charging station

Victoria’s first fast charging station, which is capable of charging an electric vehicle (EV) in 30 minutes, has been launched today at Swinburne University of Technology by Minister for Public Transport and Roads, Terry Mulder.

The fast charging station is located at Swinburne’s Hawthorn campus and is part of the Victorian Government’s $5 million Electric Vehicle Trial, which is aimed at providing a better understanding of the timelines, processes and barriers for introducing electric vehicle technology to Victoria.

The government has funded the $38,000 fast charging station and Swinburne’s Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Sciences (FEIS) has paid for the installation.

“Swinburne’s Electric Vehicle Research Group is one of the leading groups in the world in electric vehicle research, development, policy and education,” Swinburne’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Linda Kristjanson said.

“Having this fast charging facility on campus, as part of the Victorian Government’s Electric Vehicle Trial, will benefit the research which is currently underway at Swinburne into creating greener transport options for the future.”

Unlike most conventional charging stations, the fast charging station is capable of charging electric vehicles in 30-60 minutes. Plugged into a normal outlet, electric vehicles can take 8-10 hours to completely charge.

“The Victorian Government recognises the long-term benefits and advantages that electric vehicles will provide for our transport system and the environment,” Mr Mulder said.

“Swinburne University is leading the way with the research they’re doing in the sustainable transport space, and this is a perfect fit with the Victorian Electric Vehicle Trial.

“We are proud to be partnering with Swinburne University on this exciting addition to Victoria’s sustainable transport network.”

The fast charging station has been supplied and installed by ChargePoint.

“ChargePoint is pleased to be partnering with Swinburne University and the Department of Transport with the installation of this fast charging station,” ChargePoint CEO, James Brown said.

“Through this partnership not only can Swinburne provide charging services to the public and their research departments, but through the growing ChargePoint network they will be able gain valuable analytic data and insights on driver and network usage.”

Swinburne’s Electric Vehicle Research Group – led by Professor Ajay Kapoor, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International Research Engagement) and Deputy Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Sciences – collaborates with national and international universities and industry to develop lightweight electric vehicles.

Data collected from the fast charging station will be analysed by Swinburne researchers during the trial.

“The challenge is to develop strong but light electric vehicles that can cover long distances at acceptable speeds,” Professor Kapoor said.

“The results from this trial will help us with our research in designing better electric vehicles.”

The government’s Electric Vehicle Trial will run until mid-2014.



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