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ATOS : launches Smartphone application to locate electric vehicle charging points

The new app, integrated in the Atos Worldgrid ecarga EV charging points solution, searches and locates the nearest charging points on the driver’s map, and has one of the largest charging station database in the world

Atos, an international IT services company, through its international business unit Atos Worldgrid, has launched a new Smartphone application that provides drivers of electric vehicles with a comprehensive service for locating charging points anywhere in the world. This new application, also available for tablets, may be downloaded via the Google Play (Android devices) platform, and will soon be available via App Store (iPhone and iPad) platforms.

The ecarga application enables users to locate thousands of charging points worldwide (more than 15,000 today), including the 237 points currently available in France. Charging points can be displayed on a map and sorted by type of location – for example charging stations, car parks, shopping centres or airports. Users configure their personal information for more accurate searches, indicating filters by country, type of connector and charging operator. The application also enables the driver to exchange information about charging points with other users.

The application is open to future development and the database of charging points will continue to updated. Further features are expected include route planning, charging point reservation and access to charging processes, among others.

According to Navigant Research, it is expected that by 2017, 7.7 million charging points will have been installed worldwide. In order to capture and process the data, invoice customers and enable the exchange of information with end users in the electric vehicle value chain, complex IT systems are required. ecarga, Atos Worldgrid’s solution, manages the entire value chain, from the charging infrastructure operators to the end user.

ecarga combines a comprehensive and open set of ready-to-install services, with the flexibility required to meet future market needs and keep up-to-date with technological innovation. Furthermore, it enables new applications and features to be easily integrated, meeting the needs of the end users and value chain partners.


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