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Asian Mfg’ers Collaborate on Charging Stations for the Home Market

A Nissan LEAF I drove into downtown LA being Level2 charged for free at Nissan of Downtown.

Yesterday Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Mitsubishi jointly announced their agreement to work together to promote the installation of chargers for current and future PHEV and BEVs in Japan.

Assisted by subsidies provided by the Japanese government, the four automakers will bear part of the cost to install the charging facilities. They will work together to build a convenient and accessible charging network in collaboration with companies that are already providing charging services in which each of the four automakers have a financial stake.

Currently the group is stating there is as many as 1,700 Level3 and just over 3,000 Level2 chargers in Japan which the group believes is far from adequate. The government announced subsidies for installation of charging facilities totaling a staggering $1 billion USD in order to quickly develop a charging infrastructure. With this level of financial backing, the four automakers and the government will install the charger infrastructure quickly.


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