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App Pairs Google Glass With Tesla Electric Car, Just Because – Forbes

Independent software engineer andrepeat tech newsmaker Sahas Katta has struck again. On Monday, Katta released his first app for Google Glass platform called Glasstesla which pairs Google’s experimental augmented reality eyewear with the Tesla Model S electric car.
To call this a “niche” application is even a bit too broad. An estimated 4,750 Model S units were sold in US in Q1 2013, and the Google Glass Explorer program included just 2,000 people. Even though both Glass users and Tesla owners fall into the same early adopter category, a Venn Diagram of the two would reveal only a tiny overlap.
Yet Katta found himself in that overlap. As a Google Glass Explorer and self-confessed geek who had access to a family member’s Tesla Model S, he whipped up the app just for fun over a weekend. He admits that it’s largely a reverse-engineer job of Tesla’s official Android app, mostly because the company doesn’t provide developers with an open toolkit to play with.
That being said, the application includes all of the features of the Android app, which aren’t necessarily meant to be used while driving. Instead, it focuses on features that are useful when the car is parked: charging can be turned on and off, the internal temperature can be queried and adjusted, doors can be locked and unlocked, the sunroof can be opened and closed, the horn can be honked and the lights flashed. If you decide to park somewhere where that isn’t a charging station, you can ping your car and have it show up on a map. It’s a set of luxury features for a luxury vehicle.


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