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Another step toward solid-state lithium batteries

Sulphide Li6PS5Br might hold the key towards the break-through in solid-state battery systems, Austrian researchers have found.

According to findings published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, lithium ions in this type of sulphide move extremely quickly, making it a suitable candidate to become a solid-state electrolyte of the future.

Using lithium nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, researchers from the Christian-Doppler (CD) Laboratory for lithium batteries at Graz University of Technology, have found that ions in sulphide Li6PS5Br oscillate even at ambient temperature with an extremely high frequency. Virtually, the ions perform more than one billion movements per second – qualifying for the role of solid-state ion conductors.

Such mobility has also been shown in other lithium substances, however, many of the materials are not only ionically but also electronically conductive – and thus have to be excluded as solid-state electrolytes.


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