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Anode Material for Li-ion Secondary Battery – Technology Trends and Market Forecast

In 2012, the anode material market hit KRW 560 billion. Based on shipment figures, a total of 46,182 tons were shipped across the world. Along with the growth of the LiB market, the CAGR of the anode material market is expected to value 20.4% for artificial graphite (AG) and 16.9% for natural graphite (NG) between 2011 and 2016. The anode material market is expected to reach about KRW 900 billion in 2016.

This figure indicates that the demand for anode materials is growing with an increase in the capacity of cylindrical, prismatic, and polymer (pouch-type) batteries despite the slower-than-expected growth of the xEV/ESS market.

It is expected IT applications will drive growth of the LiB market – accounting for 66.1% of the entire LiB market y 2016. The growing demand for smartphone batteries, whose capacity is more than 3,000mAh, and the many tablets and ultra PCs which are also adopting high capacity lithium polymer batteries of more than 4,000mA, will ensure the demand for anode materials will experience a significant increase also.

This report provides analysis of material competitiveness, demand and developments on a global scale. It also provides company stats on key players in the market allowing the end user an insight into the structure of the anode material market.


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