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A new life for the electric car battery

At the end of their usable life time, electric vehicle batteries retain about 80% of their charge and discharge capacity yet they are no longer valid for such a demanding environment like the car, which is why they are scrapped and hardly any of their materials are recycled.

In this context the Basque research centre is leading ‘Batteries 2020’, the first European project that is seeking to improve the batteries of electric vehicles and, once they can no longer be used for this purpose, to take advantage of their storing capacity by giving them a second lease of life as accumulators for renewable energies.

Through ‘Batteries 2020’, a project due to be launched in September, Europe is hoping to be a pioneer in designing strategies to take advantage of the potential that scrapped batteries still have for a second lease of life. This initiative has been organised to achieve precisely that; it has an 8-million euro budget, partly funded by the European Union through the 7th Framework Programme.

To achieve these ambitious aims, a consortium has been set up comprising of companies and organisations leading the way in their respective fields. It will also be collaborating in the dissemination of the project Eurobat, the European Association of battery manufacturers.
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