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2014 Nissan Leaf has mild upgrade, joins Nissans regular product cycle

The 2014 Nissan Leaf is getting a few modest changes, the most important of which is being released as part of Nissan’s regular product cycle.

The 2014 model year Nissan Leaf (US version) will see a few modest changes, based on preliminary details announced today by Nissan. The major change for the Leaf over the last year was moving production to the U.S., for the 2013 model year Leaf. Today’s announcement puts the Leaf on a more equal footing with Nissan’s other cars, because the details came with their yearly package of product changes, and availability of the 2014 Leaf comes in October 2013 just like Nissan’s other cars.

While the changes in the 2014 Leaf are modest, it represents a milestone of normalizing the Leaf as just another car in Nissan’s product family. Is this a step towards the electric car becoming mainstream?

In the 2013 model year Leaf a big change was the shift to three models, the entry-level priced S, and the SV and SL models offering more features at a higher price. This same arrangement is continuing with the 2014 model year, though the S is getting some upgrades. However, Nissan hasn’t released prices for the models so we do not know whether the $28,800 entry level MSRP of the Leaf S will continue into 2014. That entry level price has proven challenging for the other automakers, who have responded with price cuts of their own.

The RearView Monitor, formerly an option on the S and standard on the SV and SL, is now standard on all models. This feature is a rearward facing camera and display on the dashboard. This was previously part of the 6.6 kilowatt charging option on the S.


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