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you can’t hear them but they’re coming | Minding Business

The return of the electric car to the U.S. auto market has only taken 100 years or so but they’re edging back into view.

Sales aren’t startling despite gasoline prices that topped $4 a gallon recently. Vehicles of all kinds are selling — pick-up trucks, crossovers, sedans and hybrids, to name but a few. Automakers had their best month in six years as U.S. sales topped 1.4 million in May. Of that number, only about 8,000 were electric models.

Hybrids, meanwhile, are moving right along. According to the Electric Drive Transportation Association, Americans bought almost 164,000 hybrids between January and May of 2013.

There are lots of reasons why electrics aren’t flying out the door at U.S. showrooms.

1. They cost more. The Chevrolet Volt, for example, sells for over $40,000. Meanwhile, gas-powered cars that are less expensive are getting better mileage than they used to.

2. Range anxiety. Independent American motorists are worried that they might get stranded somewhere without power.

3. Electric infrastructure. It’s not built yet. Charging stations, in most cases, are few and far between.



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