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Why Baltimore’s Vandalized Charging Stations Have Taken Too Long To Fix

The Level 2 Charging Stations in this Baltimore parking garage have been out of action since September of last year.

In late August 2011, the City of Baltimore, Md, installed its first public charging station in a city-owned parking garage. With funds received from Maryland’s state Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Grant, it has installed a further ten since, giving residents and visitors a chance to refuel their cars while they work or shop.

Since then, the charging stations have proven so popular that the Baltimore City Department of General Services is trying to procure additional funding to increase the city’s charging station provision. But two charging stations—located at the city’s Water Street Garage—have been out of operation since September 2012 after vandals smashed the stations’ J1772 connectors.

Worse still, despite numerous complaints from EV drivers in the area, the City of Baltimore is still in the process of ordering the necessary replacement parts.

“The Level 2 Ports of the ChargePoint charging station in Water Street Garage has been out of service since at least September 14, 2012,” EV driver Lanny Hartmann explained. “I’ve reported it several times to the parking Authority of Baltimore City, most recently on April 5 via email. I called the parking attendant’s office at Water Street Garage last week, and she said that it is still not fixed.”


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