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Wheego To Offer Electric SUV For About $44,000 | CleanTechnicaCleanTechnica

Wheego is an electric car company based out of Atlanta that you probably haven’t heard of (unless you’ve scrolled through our Electric Cars for Sale in 2013 page). It doesn’t get nearly the attention of Tesla or the Nissan Leaf, or even CODA. Of course, its sales don’t compare to Tesla’s or the Leaf’s, but it is reportedly selling vehicles.

Wheego offers the LiFe EV (which is a small, two-seat electric car with 100 miles of range) and the Whip (another small, two-seater — but with just 40 miles of range).

Wheego Whips via Wheego

Wheego Whips via Wheego

Wheego Whip via Wheego

The LiFe sells for $32,995 while the Whip sells for just $18,995 (not including federal tax incentives or other state or local financial incentives for electric vehicles). With the Nissan Leaf now selling for $28,800, it’s hard to imagine the LiFe is actually able to compete. However, the much cheaper Whip may be seeing some sales.



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