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Volvo tests road that can charge electric cars

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true for environment-loving motorists if their electric cars were powered not by batteries but the road itself?

That’s what Volvo is now testing together with Swedish power company Alstom, with support from the Swedish Energy Agency.

“Consider a future where trucks and buses continuously are supplied with electric power without carrying large batteries. Instead, power lines are built into the surface of the road. This could be a future solution for long-distance trucks and buses running on electricity,” Volvo said.

Volvo’s new setup is likely to benefit long-distance trucks and buses, both of which stop less frequently and need a greater amount of power.

The field tests also involve the Swedish Transport Administration, Vattenfall, several universities, vehicle manufacturers, and suppliers.

Field tests

The tests involve two power lines built into the surface of the road’s entire length.

A vehicle using the power will have a current collector in contact with the power lines.

But Volvo said much research is still needed before this setup becomes a reality.


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