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USA: Largest U.S. Electric Car Sharing Service Coming To Indiana

The Indiana capital of Indianapolis isn’t a city one normally thinks of as cutting edge in its green technology efforts. Its mayor Greg Ballard, though, is a retired Marine with time served in the Saudi Arabian oil fields during the First Gulf War, so he understands well the need to get our nation off of imported fossil fuels. He late last year pushed for wide scale adoption of greener vehicles in his city’s vehicle fleet, and now has thrown his weight behind a project inspired by a similar undertaking in Paris to bring the nation’s largest electric car share program to his town.

Ballad’s administration will be working alongside Bolloré Group, who are the folks behind the Autolib project in Paris, as well as Indianapolis’ largest employers, universities, hospitality destinations and civic organizations. Bolloré specifically said it will invest approximately $35 million to launch the as yet unnamed program in the city next year – perhaps as soon as next spring.

It will feature 500 electric vehicles and 1,200 charging stations at 200 car-share locations. By comparison, numbers from the share service in France’s capital currently indicate over 1,700 electric vehicles, 4,200 charging stations and 37,000 members in play.


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