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UK: Electric highway use increase 45-fold among EV owners

Britain’s electric highway has seen a staggering increase in use, with electricity consumption increasing 4,500 per cent between February and April 2013, compared to the same period, last year.

Ecotricity recharging facilities at South Mimms-now including a fast chargerAs well as increased consumption from 87kWh in the three month period of 2012, to 4,000kWh in the February-April period this year, Ecotricity’s Electric Highway has also seen the number of users registered to use its charging stations rise by 64 per cent, from 244, to 399 and now at more than 500. The increase coincides with the addition of three new super chargers, added to the existing network of 14 electric car chargers at motorway service stations around the country.

It’s this motorway network of chargers, that founder of green energy company, Ecotricity, Dale Vince, thinks is so important to boosting the uptake of electric cars.

He comments: “While the majority of charging points in Britain are in towns and city centres – we believe this is actually where they are needed the least. We chose the motorway network for good reason and now that we are adding super-chargers into these locations, we can solve the problem of range anxiety and charging times in one go.

“Of course electric car ownership is starting from a very low base – but couple the fact that petrol prices remain stubbornly high, the Electric Highway is free to use and zero carbon – this shows the massive potential for growth if you put the right technology in the right place.”


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