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The Future of Affordable EVs According to John Viera | Sustainable Brands 2013 | Gas 2Gas 2

At Sustainable Brands 2013, I had the opportunity to sit down with Ford’s Global Director of Sustainability, John Viera. He promised me free charging (at my friend’s homes!), and a race van that can corner like a sports car. OK, maybe I misinterpreted some things. Judge for yourself:

Your website leads with the more efficient cars in your product lineup, including the Fusion which wonGreen Car of the Year at last year’s LA Auto Show. Is that because the SUV’s which have previously dominated the market are finally being eschewed by customers wanting to save money on gas?

It’s a couple of things. In the past, small cars lacked the creature comforts and features our larger cars had. People wanted fuel efficiency, so we had to transform our thinking in terms of what makes a small car attractive. So now we’re including a lot of the luxury features in the smaller cars as well.

I saw that with the car I’m interested in, the Transit Connect. You have the Torque Vectoring Control previously not offered on a utility van. I suspect this would make the twisty roads leading to the race track a lot more fun. OK, so it has eco-boost, but why not hybrid? I know it’s really hard to do an efficient hybrid on a larger vehicle, but how eco is eco-boost really?



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