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Social Media Powered Electric Car Taking Kid Creators to Washington, D.C. – Technorati Social Media

MindDrive is a Kansas City-based nonprofit that created a phenomenal program to engage at-risk kids with experiential learning in order to strengthen their love and understanding of science with specific projects.

What was their endeavor this year? Nothing too impossible: building an electric car from a burned-out frame of a wrecked ’67 Karman Ghia that is currently taking them to Washington D.C. The real thrill is the fuel they are using. They are powering their car to go the distance on the social media buzz they generate.

Amazing! The vehicle is set to run beautifully, but only if there’s enough social carrying them along. How did they do this? The Arduino hardware installed in the electric car is attached to its drivetrain. The vehicle is programmed to drive when an internal tablet identifies that enough MindDrive-related social media activity is brimming on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other channels

MindDrive’s thrust for this project is not only in the students being responsible for the building of the car, but also in being accountable for the social media promotion. According to MindDrive, this “social fuel” is important to get other people to support what they’re doing.



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