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Road test: Nissan Leaf Nismo RC | The Sun |Motors|Scottish Motors

By PHIL LANNING, Motors editor in Cologne
Published: 4 hrs ago

I AM being thrown into a corner at over 90mph in a stripped-out race car, hanging onto the steering wheel. But, eerily, it’s in almost total silence.
All I can hear is tyres screeching, my heart beating and a high-pitched whine. No, this isn’t the world’s fastest vacuum cleaner, it’s actually the sexiest electric car in the world — the Nissan Leaf Nismo RC.
With a large dose of irony, we became the first newspaper to get a drive of the electric Leaf Nismo on a track and a country built on oil — Dubai. But, if the oil does run out, this really is their zero-emission supercar of the future.
Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this Leaf Nismo is that it uses the same drive train from the production Leaf on sale in the UK right now.
This isn’t the first electric racing car but Nissan’s £1million Leaf RC (Racing Competition) concept is the first to be based around a production vehicle. It also shows how a mass-produced battery-powered sports car might look.
There’s an obvious family resemblance to the Leaf hatch, but its dimensions are dramatically different. The wheelbase is 9.9cm shorter than the regular five-door, while the car is 17cm wider and 35cm lower.
The overall effect gives it the look of a Le Mans racer — it actually raced round that circuit last year.
Under the skin, there are 192 lithium-ion battery cells. The motor is the same as in the production Leaf, but it’s even more responsive.


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