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Research and Markets: Global and Chinese Lithium Iron Phosphate Material and Battery Industry Report, 2012-2015


Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the “Global and Chinese Lithium Iron Phosphate Material and Battery Industry Report, 2012-2015” report to their offering.

In 2012, global lithium iron phosphate industry continued enjoying a strong development momentum. Regionally speaking, however, the growth of lithium iron phosphate industry claimed severe differentiation. In regions beyond China, since the EV industry, the biggest lithium iron phosphate battery consumption market, developed not as well as expected, industrial players are confronted with the risk of withdrawing from the market or even bankrupting as a result of increasingly growing loss. At the same time, in contrast, counterparts from Chinese mainland and Taiwan witnessed smooth development, thanks to mature lithium battery industry as well as developed EV industry. Thus, the lithium iron phosphate industry is increasingly shifting to mainland China and Taiwan.

The report touches on status quo of global and China lithium iron phosphate material and battery industry, highlights three trans-national enterprises including A123 Systems, Valence and Phostech, four Taiwanese ones such as Formosa, ALeees, Tatung Fine Chemicals and Hirose Tech as well as 22 mainland Chinese industrial players like Pulead Technology Industry Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Bei Terui New Energy Material Co., Ltd, Tianjin STL Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and BYD.

A123 Systems, the industrial leader worldwide, is one among two enterprises in the world possessing key lithium iron phosphate patents. However, due to bleak market environment and poor management, the company had long been at a loss, yielding a fast-growing deficit until Jan.2013 when it was took over by Wanxiang Group.

Formosa is a well-known Taiwanese lithium iron phosphate producer that offers a large part of its products for customers from Chinese mainland. In 2011, it was the runner-up among lithium iron phosphate suppliers targeting mainland China when it comes to market share. In 2012, the company’s lithium iron phosphate capacity hit 4,800 t/a after capacity expansion, making it possible to become the largest lithium iron phosphate producer in Taiwan. And Formosa is projected to increase its capacity, of corporate planning, to 12,000 t/a by 2014 in an aim to become a would-be largest lithium iron phosphate producer the world over.

BYD boasts the largest lithium iron phosphate battery maker in China. But the aggressive development policy in past two years shouldered much of the blame for its exacerbating profitability. After the rock bottom in 2012, the profitability of the company turned around in 2013Q1, with the net income surging by 188.9% year-on-year to RMB156 million. In 2013, the company’s sales volume of lithium battery-powered EV is estimated to record 8,000, a targeted year-on-year rise of 233.3%.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Overview of LiFePO4 Battery

2. Market of LiFePO4 Materials in China and Worldwide

3. Industry of LiFePO4 Battery in China

4. Key LiFePO4 Materials Manufacturers

4.1 A123 Systems

4.2 Valence

4.3 Phostech

4.4 Formosa Energy & Material Technology Co., Ltd.

4.5 ALeees

4.6 Tatung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

4.7 Hirose Tech Co., Ltd.

4.8 Tianjin STL Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

4.9 Pulead Technology Industry Co., Ltd.

4.10 Shenzhen Bei Terui New Energy Material Co., Ltd

4.11 HeFei GuoXuan High-Tech Power Energy Co., Ltd.

4.12 Hunan Shanshan Toda Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

4.13 Xinxiang Huaxin Energy Materials Co., Ltd.

4.14 ShenZhen TianJiao Technology Development Ltd.

4.15 Yantai Zhuoneng Battery Material Co., Ltd.

4.16 NanoChem Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

4.17 Xinxiang Chuangjia Power Supply Material Co., Ltd.

4.18 Hunan Haorun Technology Co., Ltd.

5. Key LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturers

5.1 BYD

5.2 China BAK Battery

5.3 Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd.

5.4 Shenzhen Mottcell Battery Technology Co., Ltd.

5.5 Wanxiang EV Co., Ltd.

5.6 CENS Energy-Tech Co., Ltd.

5.7 Hipower New Energy Group Co., Ltd.

5.8 Crown Shuo (Suzhou) New Energy Co., Ltd.

5.9 Pihsiang Energy Technology

5.10 Qingdao Hongnai New Energy

5.11 Huanyu Power Source Co., Ltd.

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