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PG&E CEO Tony Earley Writes of Bright Future for EVs | PG&E Currents

In a story headlined “A Transportation Revolution,” PG&E’s Tony Earley writes about the promise and potential of the electric vehicles in the new issue of Electric Perspectives magazine.

In the new issue of Electric Perspectives magazine, PG&E’s Tony Earley says the electrification of the company’s fleet is good for the environment and provides a better experience at job sites. (Photo by Paul Sakuma Photography.)
“Americans today, especially younger adults, increasingly want our country to become more energy independent, take fuller advantage of cleaner energy sources and make smarter use of our existing supplies,” writes Earley, the CEO, chairman and president of the PG&E Corporation. “That’s a trifecta that electricity as a transportation fuel hits perfectly — all at the equivalent of around a buck a gallon.”

Earley goes on to talk about the greening of PG&E’s fleet, which now includes hybrid electric bucket trucks and extended-range pickups that run on batteries for 40 miles and offer the “killer app” of onboard power. That means that tools and lights can be powered by the trucks and, eventually, the trucks can be used to shorten an outage for an entire neighborhood.

“But there’s another factor that’s just as compelling: our crews love them,” Earley writes. “Vehicles like our hybrid-electric bucket trucks, outfitted with electric worksite idle management systems, are earning a die-hard following among PG&E’s frontline workers because they provide a better experience on the road and at the job site.”

And as Earley mentioned in an address at last week’s Edison Electric Institute convention in San Francisco, customers benefit from electric vehicles.

PG&E’s alternative-fuel fleet is the industry’s largest and includes more than 1,200 electric-based vehicles, a mix of standard hybrids, plug-in hybrids and fully electric on- and non-road vehicles. And PG&E has another 1,000 natural gas vehicles and 1,500 more than use bio-fuel.

In addition, the company’s network of charging stations is growing — a total of 133 charge points at 40 locations in its service territory.

“Large-scale transportation electrification is one of our greatest opportunities — maybe the greatest — to change America’s energy future,” Earley concludes in the article. “That’s a bold aspiration to be sure. But, it’s one that, however distant the possibility may seem today, is within reach if we continue to pursue it.”

Click here to read Earley’s story in the digital version of Electric Perspectives.

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