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nteaa : Message: RE: [nteaa] Tesla Demonstrates Battery Swap -vs- Gas Up

Nice demo, they show a pair of Model S cars getting batteries swapped (sequentially) while the ICE is filling up. They could almost do 3 swaps.

Here is another way to look at it:
In the Audi A8, he refuels with 22 gallons in 246 seconds. At 23mpg = 506/246 = 2.06 miles/gallon.
In the Tesla, the batt swap gets you ~ 200 miles / 93 sec = 2.15 miles/ sec
If it was an A6, that car gets 33 mpg x 22 / 246 sec = 2.95 miles/ sec.

What this doesn’t take into account –
ICE : EVERY time you fillup, you have to find a gas station, take 5 minutes out of your schedule, don’t step in oil, or come back smelling like gasoline, select the right grade and play roulette with the credit card machine on the pump.
The Tesla driver doesn’t even get out of the car and I assume they have auto-billing setup based on your pack serial number. For normal refills, it takes 15 seconds to plug it in at its normal parking spot… your house or your office.

In the Q&A, Elon said that you WOULD get your battery pack back (pick it up, or have it sent back to your local store) and the swap pack would be viewed as a rental. If they charge your pack while you’re on your trip, then you could just pick your own pack up on the way back. I’m betting they’ll do that given enough time. Knowing Tesla, they’ll not only charge your pack, but send you an email that it’s ready.


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