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Nissan Software Update for 2011/12 LEAFs Yields Promising Results |

Ten days ago, Nissan North America announced expanded battery pack capacity warranty coverage for 2011 and 2012 model year LEAF electric cars. At the same time, it announced the same cars would be given various software updates to improve range calculation, battery capacity reporting, and charger compatibility.

Since then, a steady stream of 2011 and 2012 LEAF owners have had their cars updated at their local dealers. So far, the software update—which Nissan is calling a “software enhancement” is yielding positive results. Nissan said the software update gives 2011 and 2012 LEAFs the same battery management algorithms found in 2013 LEAFs by reprogramming the car’s on-board lithium-ion battery controller.

Additional Range, Improved Charging

In addition to improving the accuracy of the car’s on-board range-estimation and battery capacity reporting, the update is reported to give LEAF owners an average of five miles of additional range per charge. “I would say it has added five miles of range,” Washington-based high-mileage LEAF driver Steve Marsh told in an email. “The update was done over the weekend. I am in much better shape.”

With more than 80,500 miles on the odometer, Marsh’s LEAF is believed to be the highest mileage privately-owned LEAF in the U.S. Driving it between 120 and 130 miles per day, Marsh was starting to worry if his LEAF—which recently lost its first capacity bar—would soon need a replacement battery pack in order to cope with his arduous daily commute.

In addition, the update—known as the P3227 reprogram by LEAF aficionados—also updates the car’s on-board charger software. While this update won’t magically make older LEAFs charge as fast as new 2013 LEAFs, it does address a previous known compatibility issue between the LEAF and certain brands of public charging stations that previously prevented charging from taking place.



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