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Nissan reveals world’s fastest electrical powered super-car

With the price of gasoline approaching $4-per-gallon, Nissan plans on changing the mindset we have on electrical cars with their latest concept super-car.
While electric cars still aren’t perfected yet, Nissan is bringing the concept one step closer. Electrical cars face the problem of the battery charging time as well as maximum range per charge. The bigger the battery, the heavier the weight and this will more or less affect the performance. In addition, there are several environmental concerns with the usage of electrical cars as well.

However, the Nissan ZEOD electrical vehicle is like no other. Using the DeltaWing design, the Zero Emissions On Demand (ZEOD) can hit a top speed of 186 MPH. After four years of design and development by engineer Ben Bowlby, the ZEOD is by far the fastest electrical powered vehicle.

Road Atlanta, in the American Le Mans Series’ season-ending Petit Le Mans, driver Gunnar Jeannette started last place at 42 and worked his way up eight spots in the first lap driving the DeltaWing. Thanks to the light-weight architecture, the vehicle was able to avoid several tire changes eventually climbing to third place and finishing fifth overall. The ZEOD is scheduled to enter next year’s Le Mans, a 24 hour endurance run against some of the fastest gas powered vehicles around the world.

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