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Nismo Offers To ‘Chip’ Your Leaf Electric Car For Better Performance

Nice vehicle though the 2013 Nissan Leaf is, it’s just a little… tame, for some people.

Those people may be intrigued to know that in Japan at least, there’s an option to give it a little more performance.

We’ve covered the Nissan Leaf tuned by NISMO (for NISsan MOtorsport) previously, but the official Nissan tuner offers more than just visual upgrades. Customers can also purchase a reset control module, liberating extra performance from the motor with minimal effect on range.

The 136,500 Yen ($1,400) option gives drivers a little more power, improving acceleration and responses. The tuner has even tweaked the car’s Eco mode, improving cruising range when in this mode.

While the performance upgrade is available individually, it’s also part of a wide range of NISMO accessories available to Japanese buyers.

A full, aerodynamically-optimized body kit is available, with unique blue highlights to match the Leaf’s blue badging. It’s available as a fiber-reinforced plastic or wet carbon kit, the latter costing a healthy $10,225.


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