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Mike Tinskey, Ford’s top EV guru, sees the future of driving electric

Looking for a challenge? Here’s one: Take a giant established automaker – say, Ford – and map out a future that transitions the company from over 100 years of fossil-fuel dependence and moves it to full electrification.

And… go.

While hybrid and electric vehicles are quickly gaining in popularity, concerns about range, recharging times, standardizations, and energy politics still have the power to take the spark out of the EV industry’s step.

It would appear that not even Big Oil can put the electric toothpaste back in the tube at this point.

Digital Trends recently talked with Mike Tinskey, Ford’s Director of Vehicle Electrification and Infrastructure, while we drove around green-car crazy Portland, Oregon, in one of Ford’s big newFusion Energi plug-in hybrids. The full-size sedan was in town during an alt-powered car exhibit on Portland State University’s Electric Avenue. Ford is touring it and a few other of its hybrid and electric cars around the nation. While the Fusion Energi is a hybrid, it can also go 21 miles on electricity alone.
Like his tongue-twisting title suggests, Tinskey is tasked with leading Ford through the murky waters of change taking place as the nation and world slowly emerges from the ooze of an expensive and volatile fossil fuel-based mobility infrastructure to an electrified system. Is he up to the job? Tinskey is no corporate desk jockey. An electrical engineer with several patents to his name as well as being an instructor/researcher for driving in low-traction environments (think: snow), he has a clear understanding of the many challenges – and opportunities – that lay ahead for drivers and for Ford.

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