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May Plug-In Electric Car Sales: Nissan Leaf Passes Chevy Volt

Plug-in car sales continued at a steady pace in May, with early estimates of perhaps 6,500 to 7,000 sold overall.

As always, precise figures are impossible because Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] does not report monthly sales as every other carmaker does.

We’ll refine our totals as more reports come in over the course of the day (and, for the Ford plug-in numbers, tomorrow).

Second-best month for Leaf

Fulfilling expectations of consistently higher deliveries, the May sales for the 2013 Nissan Leaf electric car came in at 2,138.

That’s the Leaf’s second-best sales month ever, trailing only March, when 2,236 were sold after supplies of U.S.-built plug-in electric cars finally started to reach Nissan dealers.

With five months gone, Leaf sales total 7,614, almost triple the 2,613 Leafs sold at this time last year.

If Nissan can keep up the pace at the average of the last three months, it might deliver 22,500 or more Leafs for the year.

It’s still worth noting, however, that the Leaf represented just 2 percent of Nissan’s total of 106,558 sales in May.

Volt only holding steady

The Chevrolet Volt, the best-selling plug-in electric car last year, logged 1,607 deliveries–bringing its yearly total to 7,157.



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