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It’s Up to Chicago to Set a Bold New Standard for American BRT

“We knew how important it was for federal policy makers to see innovation and new ideas bubbling up from important cities around the country,” said Nick Turner, managing director of the Rockefeller Foundation at a bus rapid transit roundtable last Friday. The foundation has provided roughly $2.8 million in grants to Chicago’s BRT program for research, technical support, land-use planning, project management, community engagement, branding and communications. “That’s why we started to get interested in the work here in Chicago.” The seminar, Bus Rapid Transit on a Roll in Chicago, took place at the Loop offices of the Metropolitan Planning Council, which promotes sustainable development and transportation in the region.

Turner heads the charitable foundation’s Promoting Equitable and Sustainable Transportation initiative. “It is not always federal policy that drives things,” he added. “It’s innovations that happen in cities that makes other mayors pick up the newspaper and they say, ‘Huh, I want that.’ We want Chicago to be able to be that for the rest of the country.”

Rebekah Scheinfeld, chief planning officer with the CTA, kicked off the discussion by talking about features that are common in BRT systems around the world, including dedicated lanes, signal prioritization, and prepaid, level boarding. She then outlined Chicago’s BRT-related projects, starting with the J14 Jeffery Jump express bus, which launched last fall on the South Side with branded buses, upgraded shelters, limited stops and bus-only lanes during rush hours between 67th and 84th.


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