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Illinois at center of electric car supercharging network – Chicago Tribune

Tesla unveiled its first supercharging station in the Midwest in Normal as part of a national rollout to enable Model S drivers to drive coast to coast

Illinois Senate President John J. Cullerton talks about his Tesla Model S sedan at the Museum of Science and Industry. (Robert Duffer/ Chicago Tribune photo)
June 27, 2013, 2:45 p.m.
By Robert Duffer, Chicago Tribune

The superchargers are here. At the Museum of Science and Industry on Wednesday, Tesla amped up the debut of its first supercharging station between its home state of California and the east coast. It’s in downstate Normal, the crossroads of the heartland and the intersection of Interstate highways 55, 39 and 74.

“We drove from Chicago to Normal and back and we didn’t pay a dime,” said Dustin Krause, the regional sales manager for Tesla. The superchargers are free for Model S 85 owners. “We didn’t use any fossil fuels, just electrons,” Krause said.

The 10th supercharging station, which can charge Tesla’s flagship Model S luxury electric sedan in 30 minutes, is part of arollout of supercharging stations across the U.S. to enable anyone, not just Tesla CEOElon Musk, to travel cross-country in a Model S.



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