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Having A Charging Station In Front Of Your Store Is Good For Business

Stick an electric vehicle charging station in front of your shop, sit back, and wait for the affluent shoppers to pour in on a regular basis. It really is that easy, according to an infographic from EV charging network company ECOtality.

The infographic, which pulls together demographic data from ECOtality’s Blink network of charging stations and outside research firms, shows why it makes economic sense for retailers to have EV charging stations nearby.

EV drivers are a coveted demographic: they have high average incomes, own smartphones, and are well-educated.

They also tend to be good customers, spending lots of time in charging station-equipped stores and returning on a daily basis. That’s because it takes time to charge EVs, so drivers linger for long periods of time. And since not every storefront has a charging station, they’ll go back to the same place multiple times.

“I’m a good example. I drive a 2013 Nissan Leaf and travel between 80 and 100 miles every day, almost exclusively in the Leaf,” says Ravi Brar, CEO of ECOtality. “If I have to travel slightly out of my way to go to a particular location to charge, I’ll go in for 20 minutes, buy a cappuccino that I might not otherwise buy, read my e-mails, and hop in the car.”


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