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Ford Energi Plug-In Hybrids Let You Choose Your Own ‘Eco Coach’

Information is power, right? More precisely, based on an interview last week with Mike Tinskey, Ford’s Director of Global Vehicle Electrification and Infrastructure, information is both what buyers of the brand’s Energi plug-in hybrids want to feel empowered, and what they need to get the best efficiency out of their vehicles.
With the Ford Fusion Energi or Ford C-Max Energi, you get a so-called EcoGuide gauge cluster that, Ford says, offers you the level of information you want. As part of a special version of MyFord Touch and its customizable displays, you get two small screens to the left and right of an analog speedometer. On the right, you can access all the normal brief display screens for climate, audio, or navigation, for instance, but you can also see yourself earning Efficiency Leaves.

On the left is where it gets a little more complex, potentially. There, you can select between themed Inform, Enlighten, Engage, or Empower display modes, see energy use or fuel history, or get a customized ‘MyView’ bar-graph display related to your recent driving.



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