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First Electric Car Charging Station Set Up in Twin Ports | Northland’s NewsCenter: News, Weather, Sports | NBC, CBS, MyNetworkTV, and The CW for Duluth MN / Superior WI | Local News

Duluth, MN ( — The Twin Ports continues to be a hub of sustainable practices as the City of Duluth sets up the first electric car charging station in the area.
The charging station is now operational and available to the public at the Library / Depot Parking Facility located at 602 West Michigan Street in a reserved parking space for electric and hybrid electric vehicles.
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The station will offer both Level 1 charging at common 120-volt household current and faster Level 2 charging at 240 volts.
The City of Duluth currently is offering the charging service as a complimentary amenity of this parking lot, so drivers of electric vehicles only need to pay for their parking at the automated parking kiosk.
City officials say in the future, users may have to pay for the charging service, bundled as a single transaction with the parking fee.


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