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First BYD e6 Electric Cars Arrive in the UK” height=100 width=130 style=”float:left;” />

The first Chinese-developed BYD e6 all-electric cars have arrived in the United Kingdom this week, where they will be thoroughly tested by a number of fleet operators.

More that 50 right-hand drive vehicles were offloaded at Southampton docks and are in the process of being registered, BYD Auto announced today, adding that the five-door hatchbacks have been fully homologated for use on European roads.

Already on sale in China since October 2011, the BYD e6 has a range of 186 miles (300 km) and can reach a top speed of 87 miles per hour (140 km/h). The all-electric vehicle is already used by fleet operators in China and Columbia. In the UK, the cars will be going into service with a number of fleets, including private hire operations that will allow passengers to experience them.

“We are very excited with the arrival of our e6 pure electric cars in the UK. The e6 has zero tailpipe emissions, reducing air pollution, and also benefits from significantly lower running costs than conventional petrol or diesel cars. The model is well-proven, having driven over 14 million miles in key global markets,” said Isbrand Ho, managing director of BYD Europe


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