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ETList : Message: MindDrive Teens build 67 Karmann Ghia EV fueled by social media

With our ever-increasing dependence on gadgets and software and high-tech solutions, the more we need engineers and scientists and inventors and fixers, and one way to help boost those numbers is through effective and engaging STEM programs in education. That may mean stronger traditional academic approaches, but it also may happen through hands-on experiential learning and mentoring, which can be an entry point to STEM education for non-traditional and at-risk students.

One such initiative, MindDrive, which works with students in the urban areas of Kansas City (in both MO and KS), has been using electric car design as one of their focus topics, and students have built several electric vehicles, including ultra-efficient aerodynamic models built on an Indy car chassis. But their latest project is a ’67 Karmann Ghia that has been converted to an electric drive model, which will then serve as the beta version of their prototype project, which will eventually be put into production as a kit and targeted to the urban market.

Right now, though, MindDrive is using the Project Karmann Ghia as an awareness-raising exercise for the importance of experiential learning in education, and they’re using social media to provide the fuel.



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