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Electronics Weekly News | Power | TI claims 4.5A charge rate for li-ion cells is possible

Texas Instruments claims to have a power management chipset which will speed up the charging of single-cell Li-Ion batteries.

Behind TI’s claim is a technique for minimising cell degradation which can result from rapid charging.

“The battery capacity measurement technology, the MaxLife algorithm accurately predicts and avoids charge conditions that could degrade the battery,” said TI.

The key is predicting battery capacity and translating the information into run time.

The bq27530 and bq24160 chipset is designed for for 2.5A charge rates and the bq27531 and bq24192 chipset for 4.5A charge rates.

It is autonomous and so reduces system software overhead.

An Li-Ion fast-charge development kit is available, which features the bq27531 fuel gauge directly communicating with the bq24192 charger via an I2C interface. Input operating range for the evaluation kit is 4.2V to 10V.



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