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Electric vehicle maker gets perks

THE BOARD of Investments (BoI) has approved an P18.9-million electric vehicle production facility for incentives, the agency said in a statement Friday.

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Philippine Utility Vehicle, Inc. (PhUV) sought BoI registration as a new domestic producer of electric vehicles.

It is now eligible for income tax holiday and duty-free importation of capital equipment.

The company’s new facility, located in the Cavite Light Industrial Park, began commercial operations last month.

It will produce 6,000 electric tricycles and 200 electric jeepneys each year.

The factory will employ 97 personnel.

PHUV’s electric jeepney models will run on 5- or 7-kilowatt motor for 55 kilometers (km) before having to recharge. It will take eight hours to fully charge a unit at a cost of P150.

Its electric tricycle can run for 25 km at a top speed of 20 km per hour before needing to recharge. It will take four hours to fully charge a unit at a cost of P100.

“[The tricycles] are ideal for use in beach resorts and recreational sports. They can also carry massive loads,” BoI said in its statement.

PhUV is the business arm of the Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturers Association of the Philippines (MVPMAP).

It supplied the electric jeepneys that service the cities of Makati and Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The firm also supplied such vehicles to the Hatiran Bayan program of the Quezon City government, the House of Representatives, and Plantation Bay in Cebu, among others.

The company claimed on its Web site that it “is the first to locally design, fabricate, assemble and actually put on the road an electric vehicle.”

At the same time, a motorcycle firm and two mass housing companies are seeking similar incentives from the government, according to separate notices in newspapers on Friday.


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