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Electric Cars Steal The Show As Gas Prices Soar In Michigan « CBS Detroit

LIVONIA (WWJ) -With gas selling at more than $4.00 per gallon in metro Detroit, a lot of people are checking out electric vehicles at the Michigan Electric Vehicle Show Saturday at Schoolcraft College.

Tomas Diaz of Sterling Heights says he might get an electric vehicle.

“If it saves on a short commute, and the numbers make sense, and then you have to spend less time going to the station then it is a possibility that I would consider,” said Diaz.

Show organizer Rick Weinkauf says they have about 53 electric vehicles.

“You can go out today and spend the most on gas that you’ve ever spent in a year – that tends to drive people here but really it raises awareness in terms of how much so you want to spend on gasoline and how much you want to be tied to spending on gas in the future.”

But people like Shyam Barua has concerns about EV’s.

“I think just the range, if you take gas on average, an electric car would have on estimate, an average 60-70 miles per charge, so I think the range is still too small,” said Barua.

Ben Stephenopski of Livonia doesn’t have an EV yet but likes the idea of owning an electric vehicle. “I think it’s a pretty good thing going … all the factors and all the manufacturing. They should really go full force on it. I think it will be the thing of the future,” he said.

Among the electric vehicles on hand the Tesla, Ford C-Max, and the Chevy Volt.

Many automakers are cutting leasing costs to encourage sales which have not been strong. But with rising gas prices more people are gravitating toward the EVs.

Find out more – HERE.

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