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You find two types of people who have a high passion for automobiles. The first is the typical car guy. He just likes big, powerful machines. You’re likely to see a car guy driving a fast, flashy auto.

The other type is his opposite, the militant environmentalist. Instead of enthusiasm for cars, his high passion is a zealous disapproval of them. The militant environmentalist blames autos for wrecking the entire earth.

But even environmentalists like the benefits and advantages of personal transportation. So you see them driving autos, too. You’re likely to find a militant environmentalist in a small, quiet, low-impact car. He is passionate about it precisely because it is not big and powerful.

Art Iworsley breaks both molds. Art drives a Smart Electric, which is the most ecologically friendly automobile you can own today. The miniature, two-seat Smart is as small as you can go and still call a vehicle an automobile. The Smart Electric runs on batteries alone. No gasoline gets anywhere near the car. It has a miles-per-gallon equivalent, or MPGe – a government concocted measure of what gas mileage for the model might be – of 122 miles per gallon in around-town driving.



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