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eaasv : Message: Solar Impulse Electric Airplane update


A few weeks ago David Herron wrote a nice article about the Solar Impulse take off from Moffett Field headed to Arizona.
Here is a link to it in case you missed it:

A few days before that, Ron Freund and I got a chance to meet the pilot in person and see the plane up close in the hangar before the flight over the Golden Gate Bridge. We were very impressed with the level of planning, extensive data collection, construction quality and the enthusiasm and technical expertise of the team.

The solar powered plane has left Arizona and landed in Texas. Soon they will take off on their next leg across America.
I get updates in French, so I used Google translate to convert it to English. That explains some of the awkward wording below.

More info including photos and video is on their website.




This Monday, June 3, a favorable weather window should allow the Solar Impulse aircraft to continue its mission throughout the United States.

For the third step, the solar airplane piloted by Bertrand take off from Dallas Fort Worth to 04:30 (local time UTC-5 =) International Airport and will head to Lambert International Airport in St. Louis (Missouri ). It is expected to arrive after midnight (local time = UTC-5).

In this region hit by a tornado and characterized by severe turbulence and strong winds, it was rather difficult to create the conditions necessary for the pursuit of adventure.

Fortunately the weather seems to be improving and the HB-SIA is eager to discover St. Louis city closely linked to early aviation.

Bertrand and André could not find a better place to promote pioneering spirit. Indeed, Charles Lindbergh (1902-1974), American aviation pioneer, carried the mail between Chicago and St. Louis, before attempting to cross the Atlantic. If the legendary “Spirit of St. Louis” was built in San Diego (California), it is nevertheless with funding from businessmen and entrepreneurs in St. Louis savvy exploration that Lindbergh could connect with this unit New York to Paris in 1927. Moreover, the St. Louis airport is named after a prominent businessman in the city, Albert Bond Lambert, who has participated in the financing of the Atlantic crossing by Lindbergh.

The Solar Impulse team is currently doing everything possible to organize an open day in the city next step. If you are in the area of ​​St. Louis, do not miss the opportunity to see the solar airplane with your own eyes. We are not yet certain that this open house to take place, but there is no reason not to be optimistic! If the open day to happen, you will be directly informed of the date and time of the event. Sign up here to have your name added to the waiting list.

Although the flight is scheduled for Monday, it may be that by then the flight director decides to postpone or change the route. Keep up with the latest news on the website of Solar Impulse .

All mission flights are broadcast live on TV Solar Impulse (early live: 1 hour before takeoff / end live 30 min after landing). You can hear from our pilots, one in the cockpit and the other on the ground, and see interviews with key players in the adventure. On our website, also find pictures of events and previous flights. Throughout the flight, an animated map and a virtual cockpit will allow you to track the progress of the unit and put yourself in the driver.

The Solar Impulse project is not only to demonstrate the potential of clean technologies, but also to convey a message. With the start of the mission Across America, Solar Impulse has launched the “Clean Generation” initiative, a movement to encourage politicians, businessmen and citizens to invest in clean technologies.

More movement of people will have more scope of the message will be. As part of this initiative, the Solar Impulse aircraft transport at each stage a specially crafted for the occasion with the slogan “Clean Generation” flag, and the name of the host city. A USB key is also part of the trip. It contains the names of supporters of Solar Impulse, which will travel and virtually edge of the solar airplane throughout its journey across the United States.

If you want your family and friends to be part of this pioneering adventure and travel with you symbolically through the U.S. so, invite them to register now as supporters of the project.

Solar Impulse Team

PS : You can also follow Andrew , Bertrand or Solar Impulse directly on Twitter.



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