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Please contact me (Kim Rogers) at krogers@… if you can make it to this 4th of July parade in San Jose. I need to know your name, car type/color, e-mail/phone contact point.

I’ve been in this parade for the last 2 years (in my old EV), and this year I will be there with my grey Model S. I would like to invite all EV owners to join us. It would be perfect if we had some red, white, and blue EVs to show our pride; but all colors are welcome. Let’s get as many types of EVs as possible (Leafs, Teslas, RAV4-EV 1st gen and 2nd gen, conversions, etc) to showcase the best cars in the world! You can even decorate your cars with flags, and such. We will be in the “EV” section of the parade. Last year, we had many Leafs, a couple of 1stGen RAV4-EVs, and a few EV conversions — I know we can do much better this year.

Here are details:
Rose White and Blue Parade
8am: Parade assembly in Lincoln High School parking lot (555 Dana Ave, SJ)
10am: Parade starts

The parade is over by noon, and there is basically a block party on The Alameda between Magnolia (?) and Race Street.

The parade goes through the streets in the Shasta-Hanchett Park neighborhood of San Jose (near the Rose Garden).

I’ve posted this on the Tesla forums, rav4-ev group, EAASV group, and tesla owners group. I have asked a couple of Bay Leaf members to post in the Bay Leaf groups. Please pass this along to other EV drivers. I’m not sure if we have an upper limit to the number of participants, but so far I have 5 people interested (1 sure; 4 possible).


Kim Rogers



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