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eaasv : Message: REFUEL 2013 – Sunday, June 30 @ Laguna Seca | Open All EV Lap | FIAT 500e Test Drives

EV Fans & Supporters:

In case you missed it… REFUEL is THIS SUNDAY!

If you’re in the Bay Area this weekend… head towards Monterey for guaranteed fun day of EV…

Once each year enthusiasts and professional drivers hit the track to celebrate just how fun (and fast) EV’s are to drive. This year expect to be impressed once again with a huge selection of production and custom cars, motorcycles and carts.

Full event details online:

Note: A special parade lap has been added for ALL EVs even if you are not registered to race. How often do you get a chance to drive on a world class race track?

Don’t have an EV? That’s ok too. FIAT will lend you a brand new 500E for a test drive on their special course. In addition let me know if you would like to host FIAT at your company for a private ride and drive. As of this morning they have two Bay Area corporate tour slots left – July 9th & July 29th. Offer is 5 FIAT 500E for test drives and free lunch for up to 250 people.

To get you in the REFUEL mood… here’s a a link to over 700 Leguna Seca videos including several from last year’s event: and if you haven’t see it yet FIAT’s promo videos… enjoy –

Charging logistics:

Please do EVERYTHING you can to charge up as much as possible on your way to and from the event. Note: Santa Cruz has just deployed several new stations – all listed on PlugShare

REFUEL organizers are doing everything possible to provide charging on-site. First priority will be given to drivers that are registered to race. Notes from Event Organizers:

POWER in the Paddock for recharging will come from the grid through temporary power boxes we’re paying to have installed. We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s charging needs but there are a limited number of tie-ins available to us. The power should will be RV-style hookups, 50amp 240 volts. If you have access to any sort of travel adapters, you’ll want to bring them. Since we’re making the track time and power available at no charge, we ask that all drivers and riders be courteous and share the hookups for recharging during down time. Venue provided charging will be in the form of NEMA 14-50.


Working with SF Bay LEAFs, Nissan is generously supporting the event by binging a 50KW DCFC CHAdeMO charger and additional L2 EVSEs.

Look forward to seeing you there!

– Paul



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