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eaasv : Message: Need volunteers for "EV of the Week" in Los Altos


Gary Hedden has asked for our help in promoting EVs at the weekly Farmers Market in Los Altos on every Thursday throughout the summer.

They have been doing this for a few weeks and have gotten a good reception from the public, walking to the various vendor tables and are surprised to see an EV parked among the farm produce.

He only has room for one car at the event that is displayed at his booth at 3rd and State street, reachable anytime during the event 4pm – 8pm.

My understanding is that he already has an EV for today but needs volunteers for future weeks.

It is not necessary to be there for the full 4 hours, any showing of your EV is appreciated.

Sounds like a fun, low-key event to spend an evening helping to promote EVs and visiting the local vendors in the area.

Please contact him directly at the email address below to schedule your time or get more details.

Thanks for your support,

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: the latest on EV of the Week

From: hedden
To: Tom Sidle , HM Clearfield

Hi Tom, Howard,
Here is yours truly at this week’s Farmers’ Market – yet another Tesla Roadster!
See you next Thursday, Howard.
Gary Hedden



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