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eaasv : Message: June meeting EAASV. Speaker: Tom Gage, EV-Grid, 6/15/2013, 10:00 am

Guest Speaker: Tom Gage, CEO and Founder, EV-Grid, Inc.

Presentation: EVs, Energy Storage, and the Power Grid

EV Grid Website:

Recent NY Times Article: Electric Cars Begin to Earn Money from the Grid

Tom Gage is the CEO and founder of EV-Grid, Inc. EV-Grid develops and supplies technology for integrating electric vehicles and the power grid. In cooperation with the University of Delaware, NRG, PJM and other partners, EV-Grid recently announced an important milestone with the first ever payments received for EV’s providing “Grid Services”.

Prior to founding EV Grid, Mr. Gage was CEO of AC Propulsion, Inc., a leading supplier of electric vehicle technology based in the US and China. During his tenure, AC Propulsion pioneered vehicle-to-grid charging systems, established ongoing supplier relationships with automotive OEMs worldwide, set up manufacturing and marketing operations in China.

Following the presentation, Tom will have one of the specially outfitted bi-directional power Mini-E test vehicles for display and parking lot Q A.

Tom Gage Bio:



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