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CHAdeMo vs J1772 Design War

You need to plug-in your EV, but not just anywhere! Standardization is always an important issue when it comes to new technological breakthroughs. But which side shall rule the world, East or West, in the EV plug design war?

Recent developments
Back in 2012, the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) rendered its verdict and chose the Combined Charging System design known as J1772, even though the CHAdeMo standard had taken into account quick-charge DC capability, which the 2009 J1772 standard ignored. An entire network of CHAdeMo charging stations is available in Japan, which explains why the American Nissan LEAF has two connectors.

Nissan LEAF connectors
CHAdeMo connector (left) and J-J1772 connector (right) (Photo: Nissan)


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